November 3, 2007

This is a love story I would like to share with you. Right before my eyes it was growing-but I did not understand. twenty three semester credits and i was overloaded trying to finish my engineering degree-my partner felt it-but then again how does one ignore a kick to ones stomach-there is no question all mothers fall in love with their child as they grow inside them- but for the father-it usually takes time- and my time happened during finals week- with so much on my mind- finish all courses with passing grades- find a job- having a baby-full plate right- and BEHOLD-
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-TRUE LOVE- A MIRACLE IN MY HANDS-AN IMMEDIATE AWAKENING FOR ME-THE MIRACLE OF LIFE-  I DID THIS- I MADE THIS- I MUST PROTECT THIS LITTLE CREATURE- ITS SO LITTLE AND FRAGILE- YET EXTREMELY BEAUTIFUL AND INVOKES SUCH A WARM SPIRITUAL FEELING- for the first time in my life i have understood what true love is- not lust-nor superficial love between lovers- but a love of a parent to a child-one that evokes phrases such as- “I would die for you”-“no greater love than a mothers love”-etc. you see, for me- this was the first time in my life i have understood the power of love-I have felt it with my own family of siblings-but not to this degree-it was a part of me and i will give my life for it. So now life continues with its trials and tribulations- and the love between spouses seems to falter for many reasons-and alas- i found myself with the most unfortunate situation of having to leave this little miracle- he was aged two 13 years ago. i can still remember the child’s face as i left the home and into  a winter blizzard upon the plains of Alberta Canada just east of the rocky mountains. back home to a family sanctuary in Pennsylvania USA to regroup and try to fix this terrible situation that has left me 3000 miles apart from my son- a picture left in my mind of a little child i could not erase nor would i want to.and so it began- my initial quest of age 17 to find a scientific miracle for mankind and make a better life for myself has now just become paramount- for if i could finish something- i would have resources to see my son often- to maybe start a family life anew but with resources to keep my son as part of my life- and so it was at age twenty nine 13 years ago the beginnings of something built on the foundations of the love for a child.For it is now- the 13th year of my so called quest to initially find harmony in my own life and child to that of the harmony GOD wants with all his children- you see what began and what has transpired is the story of a man who has spoken to GOD- for when it has been said to knock and the door will be opened- I HAVE KNOCKED KICKED AND  SMASHED AT ALL DOORS IN MY PATH. since i was as child i have believed in a greater entity in this universe-and as a child i have learned of the life of JESUS and there is no question i have lived a life as taught-  I HAVE TURNED THE OTHER CHEEK- I HAVE LOVED AND DEFENDED THE WEAKEST AMONGST US-I WAS ALWAYS A VOICE FOR THOSE THAT COULD NOT SPEAK- i do not know if i was born this way or simply helped along the way, either way this was the way i lived my entire life-  TO BE GOOD TO ALL PEOPLE-AND SO IT BEGAN- messages of unity from god when i was 33. three years into my journey away from my son trying to unlock some grandiose dream of deflecting gravity itself for use in space exploration/transportation-whatever- to manipulate gravity would be grand indeed- and this is what i chose since 17 years old- and i scream at the tops of my lungs for answers- knock on every door- turn over every stone- leave nothing to chance- ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE- THIS HAS ALWAYS BEEN MY MOTIVE OPERANDI-  so why not gravity. I have been blessed all my life with exceptional physical strength- please accept this as offering truth and not gloating- marine corps bootcamp was Disneyland for me- I have hiked many mountains all my life-almost all of which I do alone-day or night- rain or shine- blizzard come what may- NOTHING IS AN OBSTACLE TO ME- NEVER WAS- NEVER- 20 miles from my so called sanctuary now in Pennsylvania is my favorite mountain since youth- i go at least twice a week for vigorous hikes to relieve tension-meditate-etc- and sometimes call upon the higher powers for assistance and guidance of our lives- it was here where it began the messages- you see- i would ask for help in science to complete my goals and satisfy my wishes for my self and family-and in return mankind would get a beautiful reward with something to make life easier-for is not the comfort of man a result of mans technological understandings. It was here it began- i asked for scientific answers- i got messages of unity for all mankind- specifically dealing with the middle east-of semitic nations-of Jerusalem-of Mt. Sinai- I was born and raised in the USA, yes to semitic parents of a christian root- but my mind was being filled with messages of unity and specifically for the middle east in which it must begin- AND I KNEW IT WAS REAL AND I EMBRACED IT-AND IN A WORLD THAT KNOCKS ON WOOD FOR SUPERSTITION- I HAVE FOR TEN YEARS SAID OPENLY TO OUR LORD- YOU MADE ME TOO STRONG- GIVE ME THE SICKNESS OF A CHILD ANY CHILD-ALL CHILDREN- TO PROVE I BELIEVE IN THE BIG PICTURE- I HAVE FOR TEN YEARS AND STILL CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR I BELIEVE-  i have made a website called semitica.org 8 years ago as proof of such-and i have never touched it to date even with this writing- for my work was not complete- for my conversations with the lord were that upon completion of my scientific work and receive some credibility by mankind -THAT LET IT BE KNOWN THAT THE DISCOVERY OF SUCH SCIENCE HAS BEEN DONE BY A MESSENGER OF GODSo now my journey continues-but this time with the added load of believing i was some kind of messenger of GOD- needless to say i didn’t tell anyone- though i had a website- i did not promote it declaring myself messenger- for my work is not complete- for my deal with the lord was to find something great and then speak up. i have told my mother and some relatives- but no need for added burden to tell others of such- funny how most of us pray with all our hearts to god- and yet- actually tell someone you have spoken to it and received something- you are nuts-What started as gravity turned into many things-from ideas to destroy human viruses -many machines of gravity manipulations -to even ideas of the structure of atoms themselves which are new even to the world of science itself- all culminating this very year upon the date April 1-2007. Palm Sunday- and of course another day- and all i will say at this stage- we come from the most intelligent and caring and sophisticated entity in this universe- it will always keep you guessing- for our time here on this planet is one of FAITH-PERIOD.Palm Sunday- what i did- I am the first human in history to grab hold of the lightning bolt- by way of a century old devise made by Nikola Tesla himself- coupled with my understanding of the century old ideas of Albert Einstein- I have resonated an electrical current called plasma-a lightning bolt-inside water itself strictly for the purposes of combining the hydrogen bound in water to end the energy crisis.An interesting date indeed- preceded by many interesting events prior to it- all of which i have openly written in other stories of self observation – I KNEW WHAT I DID- BUT NO ONE ELSE AROUND ME    SEES IT –  I grow frustrated in time- several weeks later i find myself on a journey going west to the grand canyon- i have gone many times but i had no reason whatsoever to go this time- i must tell others of this experiment- also- I AM FLAT BROKE ON MONEY- I SPENT EVERYTHING TO GET TO THIS STAGE- YET- somehow i get gas card and go; FOR I WAS SUMMONED-; a place on a map called Valley of the GODS-native American for Warriors frozen in time- it was here i spent a night to bear witness to a truth.  I have been witness to our connected past spirits and the world in which we all collectively call god-; A GRID OF LIGHT- In a most amazing way to talk to my soul- they have come to me like the dreams and visions of the Christmas carol of Ebeneezer scrooge- BUT I WAS NEVER AN SCROOGE IN LIFE- BUT ANOTHER LEVEL I WAS SHOWN-  for what i was shown in dream and made to awaken three times in the night to stand at attention with THE EXACT SAME IMAGES AND COMMUNICATION IN MY MIND OF WHAT WAS SPEAKING TO ME WAS A COMMANDMENT TO ALL HUMANITY-I was told everything I have been witness to for ten years of messages of unity was absolutely true – i was told that i have their blessings for their desire of mankind- i was told that it is in me to speak on behalf of all our nations past which have gathered home to our planet to bear witness to a change in mankind- we are to accept prophesy of the twentieth century- we are to accept ww2 as Armageddon signified by two atomic bombs- for ww2 was the pinnacle of mans arrogance over one another as viewed by race- by Darwinism evolution that one is greater than another-we have been endowed by all technology since then especially the media and television for one purpose only- TO UNDERSTAND WE ARE ALL THE SAME- DIFFERENT COLOR OR SPOKEN TONGUE- BUT THE SPIRIT IS EQUAL- WE ARE ALL MADE IN THE IMAGE OF GOD-BUT ABOVE ALL- SPEAK NOW-OPEN YOUR MOUTH-SCREAM IT WITH BOLDNESS-  and here i am- since my return from this place in the desert i have been doing so-like a lone voice in the wilderness i say the things on behalf of god-and at the same time try to enlighten man on this scientific miracle i have been endowed to find-  I T WAS ALWAYS MY UNDERSTAND THESE PAST TEN YEARS TO FIRST BE RECOGNIZED AS A SANE HUMAN BEING WITH SCIENCE- THEN SPEAK THE WORDS OF THE LORD- ALAS- I WAS TOLD TO SPEAK NOW- SO HERE I AM – TRYING TO TELL OF A GOD GIVEN EXPERIMENT  WITH MESSAGES OF UNITY FROM OUR DEAR LORD-  catch 22 right- I now find myself living with patience like a race horse in a stable- i try so hard on two fronts- talk of science and be viewed as a -well i don’t talk negative- you say what you like–or try to talk religious words of GOD and be called a whatever just trying to promote my science or business-HERE THIS- I CARE NOT FOR BUSINESS- AND TRUE SOME WRITINGS  MIGHT SHOW OTHERWISE- BUT NONE WHATSOEVER AFTER MY SUMMONS TO THE WARRIORS FROZEN IN TIME- IF I EVER HAVE ANYTHING TO DO WITH IT- I WILL INSIST ON A CHILDREN’S HOSPITAL TO BE BUILT NEXT TO EVERY NEW CLEAN FUSION POWER PLANT-and so this is how i live my days- my thoughts- my actions- but something was always missing- and it happened on another interesting day- this American Halloween- trick or treat-
October 31-2007-Great Father- thank you for this treat–I was hiking today at my favorite locale mountain- the one where I first received messages of unity – it was here I was contemplating today why this spot in southern Alberta was given to me with such an amazing connection- I have always felt since putting this story together something was missing from this- and today it came- you see- it was 13 years ago that my unfortunate circumstance put me in a position to leave my wife and child-subsequently divorce- but it was at a time when I knew I was driving off to a near future which was going to get immediately harder for me without the close contact of my son- and so I left –in my Pontiac firebird from Athabasca Alberta- towards the usa of Pennsylvania- a four day drive- I left in the winter and a blizzard was blowing thru- if anyone knows the winters of Alberta-right above Montana-USA- you will know it comes down hard- and here I was driving thru it WITH A BROKEN HEART- some ancient mission in myself since youth pushes me to break away – and along this highway traversing I pass the vicinity of this point on the triangle- medicine hat- it was here I believe my heart was somewhat cradled for what I was to endure- for to me – this triangle I made pointing to Mt Sinai-  is one built of love- first the love of my child-in which I find the true love of GOD- and subsequently the love of all children is the key to humanity-this triangle is built for the love of children- and I knew immediately this was the complete answer- and to put icing on the cake- several minutes go by in which I was feeling energetic- I pick up a boulder and want to play- I throw it at a sharp rock in which to split it- I do so and one of the fragments is a rock in which represents a triangle rock for- the same in which i found in the valley of the gods- my tablet of fire- a commandment like that of Moses-thank you lord for giving me this treat today- happy Halloween to you too>this is the triangle rock from the mountain today
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
this is the rock of fire from the valley of the gods
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


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