13 years since coming out of closet as messenger of god. whooHoo

Happy Palm Sunday

March 29, 2015

where does the time go? how sweet it is to live on earth. god bless in jesus name

Track the dog. beginning december 7th 20011

a date that shall live in – lol


January 23, 2013

whatever will be will be

My name is Solomon azar-the global messiah-the chosen one by the spirit world to initiate global unity of all peoples-I have walked with the Christ in my heart since a child- i stand proudly with Moses and Mohamed and all the worlds messengers as a brother- one nation under god is the order of the heavens since mans time upon the planet- REJOICE- man has done well since our mission to cultivate this planet from nothing to an age of enlightenment- man has lived in constant state of war and peace since the beginning under the umbrella of god- the world which houses our ancestors and our eventual coming-PEACE- the natural love we have for our friends and families and someday all man- WAR-the natural response of man to man as we struggle to attain command of resources and knowledge of nature in order for children of god/advanced entity to live in stability free from disease-famine and harshness of mother nature- Man waits for nothing in our drive for a stable and peaceful life for our families-

Today on 8-8-08 the Olympic games begin as our children compete amongst one another in a spirit of peace and unity as man displays the obvious gift of great health and strength- may all the children of the earth achieve such a state of nurture to grow in their own potential-

also interesting to note today on 8-8-08 the Russian army decides to invade Georgia – the norther flank of Iran. the USA is poised in Iraq and Afghanistan- pinching the Persian nation into a corner-just another coincidence they invade on the day I declare judgement day-maybe after millions die from war and your own family is affected you will care to tell someone of a human being that declares they have found the solution to the energy crisis and do something about it instead of living a selfish life avoiding all opportunities to help mankind.

Today-8-8-08- Judgment day begins for man. enough time has been given to the descendants of man on this planet- communication of light and darkness for man to choose by free will our actions as we lived our physical life has now come for judgment will now be viewed by the heavens- If man may watch you with satellites and cameras every motion of an unsuspecting human being- what can the world of god do? ALL IS SEEN and the time has come-

I have brought the gift of safe nuclear fusion to end the energy crisis and fuel a unified world for all the worlds inhabitants- One nation under god- English shall be the language of a unified world with respect to your own tongues in your own lands- the word of god has been given to all in all lands for man to choose between light and dark- the time has come to eliminate the dark teachings and equate it to ignorance- for all evils have an answer in neglect and abuse- with the light of knowledge and a spirit of unity and peace- man comes to together and creates a Utopian world- this time has now come-

I propose safe nuclear fusion for man to uncover my deeds and begin global peace- to ignore this as I have consistently screamed upon the net for over 13 months shall lead to global nuclear war-

the choice for man to achieve global peace has now come- your free will to act is watched- I am the messenger-how many human beings must perish from lack of energy and or wars from such before you care-Let us see what you will do

Solomon azar
born January 13 1965

let it be known the entire spirit world of man now watches the descendants of all nations in their behavior for what is called for by the heavens- AN AGE OF UNITY BEGINS
August-8-2008 in the year of our lord Christ

Two ancient Georgian states were the Kingdoms of Colchis and Iberia. The latter, one of the first countries in the world to adopt Christianity as an official religion early in the 4th century, subsequently provided a nucleus around which the unified Kingdom of Georgia was formed early in the 11th century
I was born and raised the eastern orthodox church of ST. George- The roman soldier put to death for the love of christ
my last name of azar is the link between all religions


March 22, 2011